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Tree Lopping & Removal
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Welcome to Tree Lopping and Tree Removal


This site is dedicated to all tree workers, tree gear sales companies around Australia who wish to have there business seen via a site that many people search for. We are still in the setting up stage of the site. If you would like to take part in a great opportunity to have a direct link to your web site, or you may wish to list your business in the members list. This site is still under construction and is free to upload your information or a redirect to your web site or page.

For information on getting involved call 0467 288 382 or email

Although you may have typed in tree lopping in a search engine to find us the practice of lopping or topping trees is an unacceptable practice all works on trees should be done in accordance to the Australian standard PRUNING OF AMENITY TREES AS4373-2007.

Also the Australian standard PROTECTION OF TREES ON DEVELOPMENT SITES AS4970-2009.

A qualified Arborist will know these standards. 








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